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Use Mold remover


① In the case of whitish dirt A
When calcium carbonate reacts with citric acid, a chemical reaction occurs as shown on the right.
Citric acid is converted into calcium citrate as a calcium salt. Calcium citrate is more soluble than calcium carbonate, so the sticky scale will dissolve. Carbonic acid breaks down into water and carbon dioxide.
* Because the main component of marble is calcium, it reacts with citric acid to lose luster or become brittle.

②Whitish dirt B
Silica is the main component of glass, silica is used for scale contamination, and silica is used for abrasives. Since the silica component of glass and the silica component of scale are chemically fused, it is very difficult to remove them. If the abrasive particles are large, silica dirt is easily removed, but scratches are also likely to occur. The finer, the less likely it is to scratch the glass, but the longer the removal time.
"Urokotori Ippatsu" uses ultra-fine silica (1-5μm = 0.001-0.005mm), so it is hard to scratch.

how to use

Rinse with water to remove dust and dirt from the work area, and wipe off the water.
Shake the container well and rub an appropriate amount on the pad.
If dirt is removed, wash with water and wipe off the water. If dirt remains, repeat the process.
* If it is not washed well, it will turn whitish. Thoroughly clean the material as it may adversely affect the material.



model number contents JAN/EAN
S-2693 300g (6 pieces per case) 4989933903083
S-2694 1.2Kg (6 pieces per case) 4989933903113

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