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A comprehensive chemical manufacturer that supports the future of industry with sincerity and technology

over 150 types of chemical products

In chemical products, in addition to “Erg”, “Royal”, industrial detergents “The Power Clean”, “Erg Melona”, We produce over 150 types of chemical products such as cutting agent “Miracle Super Tapping”, rust preventive penetrant “Molybble”, automotive chemical product “One Touch Grease”

Among them, the creamy hand washing detergents “SYK Royal Ace” and “Aloe Royal” are highly evaluated by engineers working at the forefront of industries such as various factories and machine workshops.

global environmental protection

In addition to eliminating the harmful substance trichloroethane from all of these chemical products, we are always promoting product development ahead of the times, such as switching to semi-water-based materials to replace chlorofluorocarbons that destroy the ozone layer. We have been actively striving to protect the irreplaceable global environment, especially before the rise of public opinion in terms of environmental protection, by commercializing products using highly biodegradable surfactants and scrubbing materials. Going forward, we will open up the possibility of supplying higher-value products with the bold spirit of pursuing superior quality and safety that accurately meet user needs.

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