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Product development that is not bound by established concepts

change of the industry

“In the building maintenance industry, the maintenance of building facilities has become very important due to the diversification of construction materials and equipment. Correct maintenance will not only maintain aesthetics, but also realize long-term repair plans and extend the useful life of facilities and equipment.
In the house cleaning industry, demand is increasing as a substitute for the elderly due to the dual working families and the aging population. Cleaning and remodeling that cannot be easily removed by normal cleaning, such as persistent mold in the bathroom and stubborn oil stains around the kitchen, are becoming established as a service for households with mold and dirt problems.”

original products

“The Clean System Department manufactures and sells original products developed in response to professional requests from the building maintenance and house cleaning industries.
We will help you maintain and improve the asset value of buildings and create a more comfortable environment with a wide variety of lineups depending on the application and location.
Representative examples are the “Kabitori Ippatsu Series” for removing black mold in the bathroom, “Nyouseki Gel” for removing yellowish stains on toilets, and “Urokori Ippatsu” for removing scales from glass and mirrors.
We can also manufacture cleaning agents according to your request.
We can respond to fine requests such as detergency, pH adjustment, foaming, wiping, fragrance, and running out of water.
OEM production is possible even in small lots. Please feel free to consult us.”

Information on Clean System Division

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