Mold Remover Ippatsu Liquid S-2472Bathroom supplies

Model number:S-2472


Categories Bathroom supplies
Use Mold remover


A low-viscosity type that is easy to use for removing mold on large areas such as walls.
It removes not only rubber packing and tile joints, but also stubborn black mold that has penetrated the inside of silicon caulking.
Excellent workability and can remove black mold in a short time.

how to use

① Be sure to ventilate before using.
② Wipe off dirt other than mold and rinse with water and dry well.
③ Cure parts that may be discolored with masking tape.
④ Apply to cover mold. Use a brush, sponge spatula, etc. as necessary. (Animal hair cannot be used)
⑤ After leaving until the mold disappears, wash with water while rubbing with a toothbrush, etc., wipe off the moisture and dry.


model number contents JAN/EAN
S-2915 500g (1 case 12 pieces) 4989933905988

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