Mold Remover Ippatsu Gel Spray S-2915Bathroom supplies

Categories Bathroom supplies
Use Mold remover


Removal of black mold generated in bathrooms and kitchens.

how to use

① Be sure to ventilate before using.
② Wipe off dirt other than mold and rinse with water and dry well.
③ Cure parts that may be discolored with masking tape.
④ Turn on the tip of the bottle.
⑤ Apply to cover mold. Use a spatula, sponge, brush, etc. as necessary. (Animal hair cannot be used)
⑥ Please turn off the tip of the bottle after use.
⑦ After leaving until the mold disappears (1-24 hours), wash with water, wipe off the moisture and dry.


model number contents JAN/EAN
S-2915 500g (1 case 12 pieces) 4989933905988

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