Urine Scale Remover gel S-2540 Kitchen supplies

Model number:S-2540


Categories Kitchen supplies
Use Commercial detergent


Useful for urinary stones generated on the vertical surface such as the border behind a general toilet or the rim of a urinal.

how to use

① Use a hand pump, etc. to remove the water accumulated in the toilet.
② Apply the undiluted solution to places where urine stones are attached with a brush or the like.
③ Use about 50g per toilet.
④ Leave for 30 minutes to several hours and wait. Increase the amount of fluid or repeat the work where stubborn urine stones adhere.
⑤ If necessary, rub with a brush and wash thoroughly with water.


model number contents JAN/EAN
S-2914 380g (10 pieces per case) 4989933905971
S-2540 1kg (6 pieces per case) 4989933903649

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