Natural Liquid Alkalinity S-2447Kitchen supplies

Model number:S-2447


Categories Kitchen supplies
Use Commercial detergent


Demonstrates excellent cleaning power against baked oil stains.
It has a moderate viscosity and the stock solution does not drip easily.
Excellent penetration power, degreasing power and detergency by mixing active hydrogen water.
Strongly dissolves stubborn oil stains with natural orange extract.
Suitable for use in kitchens, food factories, and houses due to the combination of disinfectants
Can be diluted according to dirt.

how to use

Apply it to the dirt by spraying.
After applying to stubborn dirt, leave it for several tens of seconds to 3 minutes.
Rub with a sponge, cloth, etc.
Rinse or rinse thoroughly with water.


model number contents JAN/EAN
S-2447 4kg (1 case 4 pieces) 4989933700323
S-2448 20kg 4989933700330

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