The Power Clean S-603Commercial detergent

Commercial all-purpose cleaner

Model number:S-603


Categories Commercial detergent
Use Commercial detergent
Cleaning agent Cleaning agent type: Aqueous Dirt type: Animal and vegetable oils and fats ,Mild mineral ,Heavy mineral PH: alkalinity


Removes oil stains, stains and dullness from all industries, industries and households.
Easy to use with liquid.
It can be used according to the purpose and is very advantageous.

how to use

2 to 3 times diluent: various machine tools and engines
10-fold diluent: office equipment, kitchen, ventilation fan
100-fold diluent: Electric products
Spray with a diluent according to the degree of dirt, and wash or wipe with water after washing.


model number contents suggested retail price
S-603 20L ¥24,000

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