Strongbigsaver for Machine tool S-9703Chemical products for commerce

Wet waste for factories

Model number:S-9703


Categories Chemical products for commerce
Use Chemical products for commerce


It is strong against oil stains and gentle on hand skin (orange oil and aloe extract).
The synergistic action of the cotton spun lace, which is soft and undamaged, allows for reliable and easy cleaning and is excellent in industrial disposal.
Since it contains a rust preventive, the generation of rust after cleaning is temporarily suppressed.
If you are going to paint a rusty surface, polish it.
It is easy to use because it is big size on thick fabric.

how to use

Remove the container lid, cut the top of the aluminum bag, and use the bag in the container.
Hold the tip from the center of the roll and pass it through the hole in the center of the lid.
Close the lid tightly and take it out from above (with perforations).


model number contents suggested retail price
S-9703 280mm×330mm×300枚 ¥20,000
S-9733 280mm×330mm×300枚 ¥17,500
S-9748 容器上フタ ¥1,000
S-9749 容器下ボトル ¥2,500

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