PowerTen S-2734Chemical products for commerce

One shot removal of welding burn of stainless steel

Model number:S-2734


Categories Chemical products for commerce
Use Chemical products for commerce


Because it is a liquid, it can be applied only to parts that require welding burns.
Just 2 minutes to 90 minutes to remove welding burns.

how to use

① After the weld has cooled, remove dirt such as oil.
② Take this agent with a spatula or brush and apply it to the weld scale.
③ Leave for 2 to 90 minutes depending on the condition of welding burn.
④ Completely wipe off with a rag and wash thoroughly with water.
(Please note that if this agent remains, it may cause rusting.)


model number contents suggested retail price
S-2734 1kg ¥6,000

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