Color Dust Cut S-9688Chemical products for commerce

Dust bed coating

Model number:S-9688

Contents:Base material 12 kg + hardener 3 kg

Categories Chemical products for commerce
Use Chemical products for commerce


Dustproof paint for concrete-finished floors.
Since it is a water-based two-pack type, there is no irritating odor of organic solvent and there is no danger of fire and explosion.
Despite being a quick-drying paint, the coating film has high gloss, and excellent water and chemical resistance.
Base material 4: Simple compounding of curing agent 1 makes it easy to apply to amateurs.
About 130㎡ can be used.

how to use

A base: 4 and a curing agent: 1 are mixed in a ratio, and a reaction film forms a coating film.


model number contents suggested retail price
S-9688 Base material 12 kg + hardener 3 kg ¥60,000

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