B.P Three Star S-9741Chemical products for commerce

Solvent-based cleaning agent

Model number:S-9741


Categories Chemical products for commerce
Use Chemical products for commerce


Since it has excellent penetrating power and dissolving power, it can quickly wash powdery dirt such as dust, iron powder, mud and carbon, oils and fats such as oil and grease, and moisture.
It does not contain CFCs, 1,1,1,-, trichloroethane, tetrachloroethylene or trichlorethylene, so it can be used with confidence and does not induce rust.
Since cleaning and maintenance can be performed without overhaul, maintenance costs can be reduced.
Volatilizes completely and leaves no residue after drying.

how to use

Immerse in stock solution. (About 5 minutes)
Soak the stock solution and wipe with a rag. (Polyethylene gloves required)


model number contents suggested retail price
S-9741 17kg ¥20,000

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