Shellbio S-2926Environment countermeasure

Without absorbing water, only oil is absorbed for cooperation! !

Model number:S-2926


Categories Environment countermeasure
Use Chemical products for commerce


Without absorbing water, only oil is absorbed for cooperation! !
Adsorb oil in water by stirring!

It is absorbed instantly when sprayed on oil. Adsorption: 4.5 times its own weight (light oil, etc.)
It floats on the surface of the water, absorbs only oil and plays water.
Contains bacteria that break down the oil into water and carbon dioxide.
Once the oil has been adsorbed, it does not flow again.
Retention: about 85% to about 90% (after standing for 30 minutes) 36.6% of commercially available mats
Made of natural materials, it is harmless to humans, animals and plants and does not corrode metals.

how to use

Water surface: Recovery of oil and oil film in septic tanks / oil / water separation tanks, gutters, rivers, ponds, and oil fences
It turns brown when oil is adsorbed, so sprinkle an appropriate amount until the color does not change.
Depending on the situation, it is collected with a net or the like, and the oil does not flow again as long as it is held in the porous material.


model number contents suggested retail price
S-2926 650g ¥3,400
S-2927 6kg(2kg×3) ¥27,000

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