RS S-2019Commercial detergent

Environmentally friendly parts cleaner

Model number:S-2019


Categories Commercial detergent
Use Commercial detergent
Cleaning agent Cleaning agent type: Aqueous Dirt type: Mild mineral PH: Neutral


ENeutral, safe with no flash point, and easy treatment of waste liquid and wastewater.
The cleaning method can be ultrasonic, vibration, spraying, high-pressure spraying, etc. other than immersion.
Contains rust inhibitor.
Has little effect on rubber and plastic.
Usable from room temperature to around 70 ℃.
If it is anything other than iron, you can use it diluted up to 60 times. (50 hours for iron and 20 hours limit)

how to use

Immersion, ultrasonic, vibration, high pressure spray


model number contents suggested retail price
S-2019 18L ¥30,000

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