royal S-540Commercial cleaner

Innovative jelly-like detergent replacing conventional industrial detergent (perlite detergent)

Model number:S-540


Categories Commercial cleaner
Use Commercial cleaner


Ichioshi tekiryō shiyō de muda ga naku, shikamo ranorin haigō de teare no shinpai mo nai. Mu kōgai bunseki shōmei-zumi.
There is no waste by using an appropriate amount of one push, and there is no worry about rough hands due to lanolin combination.
Pollution analysis certified.

how to use

① Press the pump and put an appropriate amount (1.5 g to 2.0 g) on dirty hands, and rub thoroughly without water evenly.
② After that, wash off with water or wipe with a rag. (For dirt stuck in the nails, fingerprints, etc., lightly rub with a sponge etc. without adding water.)


model number contents suggested retail price
S-540 2.5kg ¥4,500
S-542 2.5kg ¥4,000
S-541 16kg ¥18,750

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