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A type that has functionality by incorporating pigments and the like in a god ball is a "PC ball".
Aggregation is easy to occur with a pigment alone, but it is easy to handle because it is spherical when encapsulated in a god ball and has excellent dispersibility. In addition, since the surface is covered with silica, functions that cannot be obtained with conventional pigments, such as color separation, can be exhibited by enclosing them in a god ball. In addition to pigments, it has functionality that conventional porous silica could not possess, such as those containing ultraviolet shielding agents and those containing antibacterial silver particles.
In addition, if there is something you want to include, it can be embodied in a custom-made form.


Product name (antibacterial type) Inclusion / Amount / Color Cosmetics label
AG-6H Silver / phosphate 3Ca complex / 3% / white to gray Silica, phosphoric acid 3Ca, silver

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