Neutral Rust Remover S-9816Rust remover

Neutral rust remover replaced with acid

Model number:S-9816


Categories Rust remover
Use Rust remover
Cleaning agent Cleaning agent type: Aqueous Dirt type: Other PH: Neutral


Removes strong rust of steel, cast iron, copper and copper alloy in a short time. It is effective to heat to about 50 ° C.
Since it is neutral, it is highly safe and easy to handle.
Extremely low corrosiveness to metals and does not cause peracid washing or hydrogen embrittlement.
It can be used safely even in parts mixed with resin and rubber.
Even if it is immersed for a long time, it does not become black, and it is not necessary to pay attention to the immersion time.
Since it is a transparent liquid, the effect of rust removal can be confirmed and it is economical.

how to use

Dilute with water 2 to 40 times at room temperature for use


model number contents suggested retail price
S-9815 4kg ¥12,500
S-9816 18kg ¥50,000

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