Anti-rust2 S-2778Rust remover

No need for troublesome rust preventive agent removal work before entering the secondary processing from the primary processing of metal processing!

Model number:S-2778


Categories Rust remover
Use Rust remover
Cleaning agent Cleaning agent type: Aqueous Dirt type: Other


It is a non-nitrite water-soluble rust inhibitor effective for steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum and their alloys, and has no ammonia odor (irritating odor). Ideal for temporary rust prevention of machinery, automobiles and electrical components. Unlike conventional oil-based rust preventives, varnish-type rust preventives, and quick-drying rust preventives, there is no need to remove the rust preventive before entering the secondary processing (painting). Can be processed.
In addition, it is suitable for cleaning rust preventives and temporary rust prevention for paint bases. Use of water-soluble abrasives and cutting agents can enhance rust prevention. As it is mainly composed of organic inhibitors, it has low nitrogen, low COD, low toxicity and no inorganic inhibitors.

how to use

① Dilute to any ratio with water and use.
② For temporary rust prevention, a dilution concentration of 0.3% for soft iron, 2.0% for cast iron, and 0.5% for copper and aluminum is effective.
③ In addition, it can also be used as a temporary rust preventive for cleaning of paint bases and a cleaning rust preventive.


model number contents suggested retail price
S-2778 4kg ¥15,000
S-2779 18kg ¥65,000

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