Chemical industry maker / dealing industrial hand wash detergent which has 70% domestic supply share

General Chemical Maker support industry world by sincerity and technology

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Please don't hesitate to contact us question, inquiry etc about hand wash detergent, business use cleaner and washing agent.

We are supplying over 100kinds products which appropriated needs of each industrial field, mainly 70% for industrial, 30% for cars.

Chemical synthesis products business involving research, development, production of various kinds of chemical products, mainly industrial detergent.

Micro capsule business mass producing "God Ball" which has been using for various kinds of general-purpose products of the major cosmetic maker.

We are struggling to research for new application--- only one products for all life scene

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Health Related
Health Related
Surgical Mask・Spider Net・SEAL de AROMA・Manten Sap Sheet etc
Insect Repellent Patch・Insect repellent Band・Mosquito Guard
Cosmetics Related
Cosmetics Related
Natural Color