Create the products to help having life more fun, more healthy

2010年10月20日 admin

The theme of Daily commodities division is "Create the products to help having life more fun, more healthy", commercialize original ideas by cultivated long time the technique of research development of business use washing agent, supplying products which support comfortable living environment and healthy life through the various network.

Specially, washing agent for sink and around range which are used every day and keeping clean, and also washing agent for easy to clean up toilet and bath which are difficult to clean.

Insect repellent products which protect kids or pets from allergic asthma・mite which cause of nasal catarrh and Japanese encephalitis・harmful insect as mosquito which mediate malaria.

Recently, many people onsets hay favor as annoying its season. Products to relieve nasal congestion for helping to have a comfortable life even if a little.

Detox products which make excrete from the body smoothly accumulated toxin which is people took from bad environment naturally.

Sporting goods which relieve ill health from lack of exercise, can be exercised easily for the convalescent person doing rehabilitation and elderly person, also has diet effective. etc...

Our division is producing these products at two factories of Kamishinjo and Settsu which has group company "Ixas" permitted production of cosmetics and non medicinal product.

Also as trading business, we made network with distinctive companies mainly Korea・China・Taiwan・Thailand・Malaysia as East Asia and Southeast Asia. By supplying Japanese excel technique and high quality products, rousing new Demands to each countries and creating sales organization, we are pleased with many people in the world.

We await direct inquiry from the company looking for new products or overseas company.