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Godd Ball&PC Bal series

goddball.jpgのサムネール画像Godd Ball is inorganic spherical porous particle, manufactured by the use of the Interfacial Reaction method.

  • Inorganic spherical porous particles.
  • Excellent fluidity and lubricating
  • Excellent resistance to water, heat, and chemicals.
  • Particles size is 0.3~150μm.
  • High specific surface area.
  • The shapes of the particles don't change after treatments such as oxidation, the Bulk specific gravity and the pore size distribution can be controlled without change of the particle size

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Product List

Pulzea series

MTS(AJA18)×03300.jpgのサムネール画像Pulzea series is hybrid UV cut powder for cosmetics, which is filler (mica, sericite, talc) coated by inorganic UV scatters. The characteristic are excellent feeling and high UV cut effects.

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