A general chemical manufacturer which support the future of the industrial world by its faith and technology

2010年10月13日 admin

The chemical business section of Suzuki Yushi Industry has produced more than 100 kinds of chemical products like multipurpose detergent "Erg" "Royal", detergents for industrial use "The Power Clean" "Erg Merona" and coolant "Miracle Super Tapping", anti-rust penetrant "Molyble", a chemical product for cars "One-touch Grease" and so on.

Within them, creamy cleaner "SYK Royal Ace" and "Aloe Royal" have got a 70% of the home market winning remarkable reputations by engineers working in the front line of the industrial world such as many kinds of factories and mechanized workplaces

We've been also encouraging to be ahead of the times in the development of new products. We excluded hazardous chemical substance "trichloroethane" from all our chemical products and we also promoted a detergent in a mousse foam which is suitable for surface of a wall, industrial products using semi-aqueous materials instead of using chloride system solvent like fluoro carbon gas which depletes ozone layer and so on. We've been making effort especially in fields of environmental preservation by producing detergents which are highly biodegradable (a nature that easily decomposed by bacteria) before the public strongly pointed out.

We will go on having fighting spirit pursuing high quality and safety which could satisfy the demands of users and opening up a new possibility of more valuable products.