Natural Color

2010年10月20日 admin

g_sizensaisyoku.jpgHair dye produced by professional of beauty business

No damage for hair ! No smart for scalp ! No bad odor !


  • Hair dye of treatment feeling, combined natural color extract. Hair dye of beautiful finish and no damage for hair is developed.
  • Person who worry about hair damage can enjoy hair dying heartily
  • Easy to dye only dissolve powder by water
  • Preparing 3 colors as Natural Black・Natural brown・Light Brown

Directions for use

  • Put this hair dye into cup, and pour water until line of the cup
  • Put attached gloves on and mix enough until become mayonnaise like
  • Part hair in the middle, coat enough like put stain from hairline of the blow
  • Coating similarly to the whole with move 1~2cm each
  • After leave naturally 20~30 minutes, rinse enough by tepid water, finish by shampoo and conditioner(Please don't humidify)
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