Surgical mask

2010年10月20日 admin

Surgical mask=Cold prevention and for dust and pollen!

Prevent inhalation of pollen, dust by 3 layers filter


  • Prevent inhalation of pollen, dust by high hermetic 3 layers structure
  • Bacteria collection efficiency(BFE) of this product is over 95% and conform to the standard of USA surgical mask
  • Usable in the operating room and whole in the hospital (tested by 3μm Staphylococcus aureus at Japan Synthetic Textile Inspection Institute Foundation
  • It doesn't get out position while talking as it covered from nose to chin
  • Nose pad wire is inside to fit on nose

Directions for use

  • The side of elastic string is fitted towards to face and tie the string to ear
  • Press the part of nose and stretch the lower part of mask to under the chin
  • Bend the nose pad or adjust the mask position to stick mask and face


  • As this product is simplicity mask, please don't use the environment which occur harmful dust or gas etc. If using incorrectly, there is possibility affect trouble for the health
  • Depends on constitution, it may cause itch・rash・eruption etc. Please stop to use if you feel abnormality.
  • This product has durability, but impossible to reuse by washing.


Non woven fabric
50 pieces
Country of origin
Specification form
PDF data(119KB)