Insect Repellent Patch

2010年10月20日 admin

Insect Repellent PatchOnly mosquito but there is possibility to break out pathogen by mediation of mosquito because of recent global warming. So, we developed Insect Repellent Patch only sticking to cloths.

Out door・garden・flower bed・walk of pets・house・fishing・watching a sport・ kindergarten・school・overseas trip・field work・bedroom, please use various kinds of places


  • Never use deet
  • Insect repellent effect continue long time by natural Lemon Eucalyptus oil which has high insect repellent effect infiltrate to controlled release microcapsule(world patent)
  • The effect is approximately 8 hours. It is all right to sweat or wet by rain.
  • Many usages

Directions for use

  • Peel the seal and stick to cuff or neck of cloth, bottom of pants and hat
  • Usable to stick rucksack, baby buggy. Very convenience for camping, hiking, gardening, walking etc.
  • Usable for pets. In that case, please use to stick a collar or doghouse
  • Please use rough estimate approximately 8 hours for effect
  • Please use rough estimate 4~6 pieces


Ingredients & Materials
lemon eucalyptus・microcapsule
Packaging size (mm)
Weight (g)
approximately 14
Specification form