Insect Repellent Ring

2010年10月20日 admin

Insect Repellent RingAre you troubled with unpleasant pest as mosquito for gardening, watering at garden etc ? Easy to use only fitting to wrist or ankle, moreover this wrist band has high repellent effective.

Usable for outdoor as camp, hiking etc. It is effective for insect bite during sleep.


  • Insect repellent effect continue long time by natural Lemon Eucalyptus oil which has high insect repellent effect infiltrate to controlled release microcapsule(world patent)
  • It can be used at ease for baby or sensitive skin person, because of using repellent extracted from natural plants
  • Insect repellent spray on market is sticky after applying, or effect is reduced by sweating. But there is nothing such a matter for this product.
  • It is safe for baby or sensitive skin person because of not use chemicals

Directions for use

  • Easy to use only fitting wrist or ankle. Moreover, there is great insect repellent effect.


  • Please don't use for except usage
  • Please don't keep long time at the place with direct sunshine
  • Please don't use pregnant women
  • Please keep the place child can't reach


Ingredients & Materials
lemon eucalyptus・microcapsule・styrene elastomer
Packaging size (mm)
Weight (g)
approximately 34.9
Specific form
PDF data(123KB)