Mosquito Guard

2010年10月20日 admin

g_kasasenai.jpgProtect from mosquito or harmful insects which mediate virus by bite human, only for coating・wiping, easy to use. By coating, protect from West Nile fever・Japanese encephalitis・Malaria which mediated mosquito or harmful insects. "Mosquito Guard" as nonmedical product is continued effect strongly in waterside or ocean. It different from pesticide or repellent which is weakened effect when wet by water.

Convenience to overseas trip as easy to carry


  • Mosquito or harmful insects doesn't bite only coat this product
  • This product is epoch making nonmedical product. Moreover, it continue long time at sea of summer season, waterside, bath etc.
  • For hand・foot・back of the neck are recommended
  • It is safe for child, easy to be coated anybody and continue effect long time

Directions for use

  • Coat it uniformly without surface irregularity to exert enough effect.


  • Please don't use for except usage
  • Please don't keep long time at the place with direct sunshine or near the fire
  • Please keep the place child can't reach
  • For the person who has allergic reaction, there is possibility to react in case of touched long time. In that case, please stop to use immediately and talk to doctor.


Ingredients & Materials
deet・absolute ethanol・cellulose nitrate・dimethicone・aroma chemical repellent・base・coating・emollient agent・flavoring and repellent
Packaging size(mm)
Weight (g)
approximately 65
Quantity (ml)
Specification form